Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Agetec , FromSoftware , Inc.
Developer FromSoftware , Inc.
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Downloads 2,709
Size 704.2 M
Released October 24, 2000
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A teenage swordsman by the name of Darius and a homemaker by the name of Sharline spent their formative years together in the village of Solta, which is located within the Fontraile empire. People living in Solta are noted to have peculiar markings on their bodies referred to as crests. Both Solta and the neighboring village of Morea share a landscape that is dominated by ancient Billiana Trees, but the people of these two communities have very different perspectives on what role these trees play in the ecosystem: the people of Morea regard these trees as sacred, while the people of Solta believe they drain the land of its vitality. After some time, a battle breaks out, and assassins from Morea are the ones who end up killing Darius’ parents. In order to bring back justice and peace, the two young people had to go about things in their own unique ways.

Evergrace is a type of role-playing video game known as an action RPG. The player has the option of following either Darius or Sharline through two distinct narratives, and they can swap between the two characters at any point where they save their progress. Players are able to switch between characters at any point in the game if they have saved their progress. Instead of immediately leveling up a character, players get experience through the use of various goods and pieces of equipment. Goods that are equipped can, in addition, be coupled with unique items to produce new combinations that boost the characters’ parameters.

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