Kakutou Bijin Wulong

Kakutou Bijin Wulong
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Namco Bandai
Developer DreamFactory
Genre Beat 'em Up , Fighting
Region North America
Downloads 2,334
Size 321.7 M
Released June 22, 2006
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Yugo Ishikawa’s Kakutou Bijin Wulong (Fighting Beauty Wulong) is a shonen manga series. There are currently 19 volumes available. The story has been adapted into two series of anime. Volumes 00-18 are covered by both anime series. Fighting Beauty Wulong is the first series, and Fighting Beauty Wulong: Rebirth is the second. Each series has approximately 25 episodes. Mao Ran, a person of Chinese origin born and raised in Japan, has been trained in her family’s secret martial art by her drunken, lecherous grandfather Master Mao Hun. Her grandfather has promised to tell her what happened to her parents to motivate her to train and fight. Without her knowledge, her grandfather signs her up for “Prime Mat,” a televised martial arts competition between female martial artists. It is revealed in the manga and anime that Ran’s mother married Cao Da Hen and gave birth to Ran’s step-sister Rin-chan. Fighting Beauty Wulong’s first season ended on March 25, 2006, and Bandai is rushing a fighting game based on the animation to market this week. The plot revolves around Mao Ran, a girl who is the reluctant keeper of her family’s fighting discipline, which lends itself well to women’s professional wrestling. The PS2 game includes 3D grappling action in which Ran competes against other she-devils in the ring and training exercises in which she rousts groups of Yakuza, a bear, and various street goons who appear out of nowhere. As the girls fight on stage, their bosoms appear to shudder with each blow, and animated clothing and swishy hair add to the visuals’ kinetic motion. Purists will appreciate the Story Mode, which follows the events of the animation and begins with Gramps tricking Ran into entering a wrestling tournament. However, before she can fight, Ran must punch and kick her way through rain-soaked streets teeming with thugs. In the VS Mode, two players can compete, and the Collection Mode allows viewers to observe the fighting amazons as they punch, kick, and otherwise perform according to the options selected on the screen.

Mao Ran may appear to be an ordinary adolescent, but she is a master of Mao Juhe Kenpo, a secret martial art passed down through her family for generations. Master Mao Hung, her grandfather and mentor, sign her up for a televised all-female fighting competition called Prime Mat, and she decides to compete to learn the truth about her parents. Fighting Beauty Wulong is an action fighting game based on Yugo Ishikawa’s manga and anime series created by TMS Entertainment. The single-player story strictly follows the anime’s plot, allowing the player to participate in many of the original series’ fights. The game is a full-three-dimensional beat-’em-up brawler in which the goal of each stage is to defeat every enemy. Ran has a wide range of fighting techniques and can even switch between several different fighting styles on the fly. Items that allow the player to use extra-damaging special moves can also be collected. There is a two-player versus mode in addition to the primary story mode. The following game modes are available: – Story Mode – Vs. Mode DESCRIPTION OF THE MANUFACTURER: Beautiful Fighting Action “Fighting Graces TakeRyu” debuted on the PlayStation 2! To realistically reproduce the movement of the Chinese Kenpo, to recreate the decisive Battle! You can enjoy a decisive battle of exhilaration and an action-fighting game. As a high school girl, MoRan will fight in the women’s mixed martial arts “prime mat,” while Uchitaoso, a formidable opponent, will sit in a row on the proper use of various fighting styles! FEATURES: Third-person viewpoint. Graphics in 3D Graphics in the form of cartoons Themes of martial arts and anime.

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