Project: Snowblind

Project: Snowblind
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Eidos
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Genre Shooter
Downloads 1,694
Size 1.17 G
Released February 2, 2005
5/5 (1 vote)
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In this innovative and cross-platform shooter, players assume the character of a futuristic super soldier as they engage in combat against the forces of an oppressive regime. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, a team that has been a mainstay for Eidos. The story of the heavily armed exploits of Lt. Nathan Frost, who started out as just another infantryman in the internationally supported Liberty Coalition, is told through the lens of a game that is set around 60 years in the future. Frost undergoes a highly experimental treatment to get his body reconstructed after it is nearly destroyed in an explosion on the battlefield. He does survive, and as a result, he emerges from the experience improved with the potential for a multitude of superhuman talents and abilities. He is stronger, quicker, and better than he was before. Soon after, he will be recalled to active duty, during which time he will be able to put these unique enhancements to good use.

Project: Snowblind was at first conceived of as a new game that would take place in the same universe as Deus Ex. However, the game was ultimately designed to combine the non-linear setting of a science fiction adventure with the frontline, first-person action that is prevalent in contemporary World War II-based shooters. The video game, on the other hand, eventually took on a life of its own and now takes place in a setting that is set in the not-too-distant future. Players have the ability to become proficient with a wide range of imaginative weapons, and they can choose from a variety of high-tech vehicles that can be used for both transportation and assault missions. The single-player game is comprised of 11 different multi-part missions that are spread across 16 distinct locations. These locations include repurposed theaters, deserted temples, and a huge metropolitan wasteland. Players that are connected to the Internet can participate in a variety of different online multiplayer modes.

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