Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V
Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Rockstar
Developer Rockstar
Genre Action , Adventure , Sandbox
Downloads 23,937
Size 41.68 GB
Released November 18, 2014
3.9/5 (274 votes)
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When it comes to games of the gangster game genre, what is the name that you think of? There is only one name that is strong enough to become a legend in this genre; it is the Grand Theft Auto series of games produced by Rockstars. No one can give a reason to prove why this series can not become a legend in the hearts of players. It brings to the player as freedom, violence, dark underworld, and many other things for you to explore. Surely this is a series that players can not ignore because of what it can bring. So, what is the best game of the entire series for players to experience it? The answer will undoubtedly be the fifth part of the game with the name Grand Theft Auto – the latest part of the game with a lot of upgrades. This game broke a record of the entire gaming industry with the fastest-selling game in history. It earned $ 800 million on the first day, and it only took three days to make $ 1 billion. This has shown the attraction of this game to a large number of gamers worldwide.

When coming to the game, the player will be provided with an extensive task system for players to perform. These missions are very diverse for players to explore, but most of them are related to the underworld for players to explore. You can become a drug dealer, an assassin, or any other title. But if the player does not want to do the task, he can explore the interesting things that this city has to offer. Players can freely do many things such as destroying the city, fighting, killing and doing many other things for entertainment. But players should be careful because the way of killing will not let you do that.

One of the best features of this game is that players can play games with a lot of other players. The game will have servers, and players need only be connected to it to be able to play the game. When playing in this mode, the player can do many different jobs to earn money, such as police, mail delivery, or even marijuana.

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