The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man
Console Sony Playstation Vita
Publisher Activision Publishing , Inc.
Developer Beenox Inc.
Downloads 6,703
Released November 22, 2013
3.6/5 (58 votes)
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The Amazing Spider-Man video game lets players explore Spider-Man’s thrilling world after the Columbia Pictures film. As young Peter Parker, players must navigate the busy streets of New York City using their newfound Spider-Man powers and web-slinging abilities to fight crime and classic Marvel Super Villains. The Amazing Spider-Man video game is a cinematic, immersive experience that captures the spirit of being Spider-Man. Hollywood writer Seamus Kevin Fahey wrote the story.

Beenox’s Web Rush mechanic is a highlight. This game mechanic gives players real-time navigational and combat options. Web Rush lets players swing through the city, perform acrobatics, and fight crime like Spider-Man. The return of free-roaming, web-slinging gameplay, and Web Rush elevate the Spider-Man experience.

The Amazing Spider-Man tests Spider-Man’s abilities in high-stakes situations. Players must strategically defeat reimagined Marvel Super Villains and original, larger-than-life enemies using the new Web Rush ability and evolved combat mechanics. Players can learn more about Spider-Man’s origins through the game’s original storyline.

  • Spider-Man returns to a vibrant Manhattan.
  • Web Rush’s real-time navigation and combat mechanics.
  • After the 2012 film reboot, a new epilogue.
  • With Web Rush and improved combat, test Spider-Man’s abilities.
  • Battle reimagined Marvel Super Villains and monstrous foes.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game lets players become the beloved superhero and protect Manhattan. The game immerses web-slinger fans with its captivating storyline, thrilling gameplay, and stunning graphics. In this exciting adventure that embodies Spider-Man, swing through the streets, defeat villains, and discover Peter Parker’s untold story.

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