Pokémon Celestium

Pokémon Celestium
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Alignment
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2010
Downloads 398
5/5 (1 vote)
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There were many deaths, and everyone, no matter how old they were, started using Pokémon as tools. After the planet Tyes crashed with Earth, an assortment of peculiar new Pokemon have been discovered. People still employ Pokemon for combat, but standard Pokemon have little chance against their more advanced equivalents, whom the inhabitants of this region refer to as “Emon.” Trainers of Pokémon from all over the world launched a war against these Emon in an effort to topple them and wipe them out, but they were completely unsuccessful.

Since that period has been five years in the past, your memories of the occurrences are not as clear as they once were. Your journey begins with little more than a feeble little Charmander, a pair of new running shoes, your own resolve, and the light of hope beaming on the back of your head.

Game Features

– New Maps, Scripts, Tiles, HP Box ect.
– Running shoes from the start (in buildings too).
– Fakemon! (Emon).
– Play with limited resources.
– Secondary quests.
– Adopting Pokemon.
– Events based on Village Guardians.
– Meet his rival / friend later in the game.
– Hidden plot.
– And other..

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