Pokémon Valen

Pokémon Valen
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Joexv
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2014
Downloads 86
5/5 (1 vote)
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Most Pokémon Valen is a compelling fantasy RPG that subtly blends nostalgia, emotion, and sorrow into the Pokémon universe. Players will experience time travel and discover a touching tale of love, loss, and resilience.


The heroism of Wooper and the curse of Saffron City have both passed, but the destruction of the Altar Region has mostly persisted. One day, a young couple must celebrate their love in a beautiful part of the world. Subtly, out of love, a kiss was offered that would last a lifetime. Most people didn’t realize that fate had different ideas.


They practically appeared out of nowhere, in the dark, casting a foreboding shade on the lovers’ encounter. The young man, who appeared to have been engaged, was abruptly separated from her and was hauled away while crying.


Twenty years after that tragic day, the married young man encounters his long-lost love in a crowded market. His feelings overwhelm him, and he realizes that time hasn’t helped him overcome the hurt of being apart. To sort of make amends and perhaps win back his love, he sets out on a remarkable adventure.


In Pokémon Valen, you might assume the role of a younger Professor Sades. With his innovative time machine, Professor Sades hopes to rewrite history, regain the affection of his lost love, and drastically improve his life. Throughout the game, the players will cross paths with a variety of criminal groups, each one intent on thwarting the professor’s pursuit of happiness.


  • Enhanced gameplay scripts for smoother transitions.
  • Implemented improved graphics.
  • Addressed numerous Pokecenter-related bugs.
  • Thoroughly tested and resolved issues with fainting, healing, and menu functionality.
  • Refined gameplay scripts for smoother performance and overall enhancements.
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