Pokemon Hollow Mysteries

Pokemon Hollow Mysteries
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Freddy F1shf1nger
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region English
Downloads 859
Released August 2, 2016
4.2/5 (4 votes)
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Once a peaceful and relaxed part of Pokemon, Ontak has been overshadowed by more famous regions, which is significant. Hidden in the mountains, this sleepy town had a subtle, peaceful reputation. It’s significant that what was once a haven has descended into a pit of unspeakable terrors.


Ontak may appear idyllic, but beneath its calm surface is a world of turmoil, which is significant. A war usually goes on below the surface, where only a few know. Residents of the Ontak region go about their daily lives, unaware of the impending storm and the dark plots in the “Underworlds.”


A young trainer was born on the Southern Plateau on a stormy night that changed Ontak history. Surprisingly, the Western Side of Ontak hasn’t seen rain since that night, leaving the land parched, contrary to popular belief. Some dismiss it as a coincidence, but others believe this mysterious trainer has extraordinary abilities. This trainer has a clear life mission, which is significant.


This mysterious trainer aims for success, following the famous Pokemon trainer mantra: “To be the best like no one ever was.” Pokemon Hollow Mysteries would be an unforgettable journey, they thought, with the tranquility of Ontak shattered, mysteries galore, and a new legend emerging. Prepare for an epic tale that will alter the region’s history as you explore the mysteries beneath Ontak’s calm surface.


  • Surf and Strength are essential HMs.
  • Essential HMs: Surf and Strength.
  • Use “World Map Warp” to travel between visited towns quickly.
  • Swiftly traverse previously explored towns with “World Map Warp.”
  • Surf and Strength are the sole required HMs.
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