Zelda Challenge: Outlands

Zelda Challenge: Outlands
Console NES
Developer GameMakr24
Genre Action , RPG
Region English , French
Year 2001
Downloads 470
5/5 (1 vote)
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This Zelda hack is arguably the greatest one available right now. Modifications have been made to almost every aspect of the game that may possibly be altered. This hack is a great example of the amazing people who are a part of our community. Everyone who has even the slightest curiosity about ROMhacking needs to give this one a go!

The new globe map has totally obliterated the previous one, which was used to depict the planet. You may rest assured that none of the locales will be familiar to you from the previous game. Dungeons and secrets can now be found in completely different places than before.

The mission you’re currently on will determine whether or not you may access certain secrets. For instance, the boulder that you have to push in order to locate a dungeon won’t move when you are on the second mission; thus, you will need to locate a new entrance to the dungeon someplace else in the environment. The game gives players the option to assign each secret to either the first or second quest, both quests, or neither quest at all. Therefore, a significant number of the locations at which you can bomb, burn, push items, and utilize the recorder are tied to specific quests.

The majority of the creatures, including all of the bosses, have received new visuals, and some of them even have new color schemes.  There are a total of 42 different block, water, and statue configurations that may be used in the numerous dungeon chambers, and all but three of them are entirely new. This is only a small sample of the things that have been altered, and a lot of hard effort went into creating this hack.

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