Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Tony Hawk’s Project 8
Console Playstation 3
Genre Simulation , Sports
Region World
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The Birdman, who is searching for the top 8 skaters for Tony Hawk’s Project 8, just so happens to have stopped in your city while looking for the best top skaters. You must demonstrate your ability to stand out from the 200 competitors vying for the coveted 8 spots. You start out ranked 200th, and the city has a number of objectives for you to complete, including the return of the classic mode from the first Tony Hawk games.

There are many different ways to increase your ranking right now. To designate a particular type of goal, spray-painted lines have been placed all over the city. It may involve grinding a specific distance, performing Natas spins, maintaining balance while performing a manual for a specific length of time, point combos, or trick combos. Additionally, players can receive missions from arbitrary strangers dispersed throughout the city.

Additionally, by impressing the locals who can be seen wandering the city, players can earn Stokens. These Stokens can be used to purchase additional clothing, shoes, tricks, and boards from the store. The slow motion “Nail the Trick” mode, which is new to this game, focuses on the skater’s feet while allowing players to control the board’s movement with both analog sticks to rack up massive combo scores.

The PSP version has 8 classic levels, including Hawaii, Alcatraz, and The Mall, as well as 14 multiplayer modes. Online multiplayer is not supported on the PS2, PS3, or Xbox versions.

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