Console Playstation 3
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
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File size 4.16 GB
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Developer Sucker Punch, known for the Sly Cooper games, has created a PlayStation 3 exclusive that will blow your mind: inFAMOUS. Explore the world of the once-thriving metropolis of Empire City, which is on the verge of collapse. Our protagonist, Cole, a former bike messenger, is found to be the only person alive after a devastating explosion destroys much of the city center. However, Cole’s struggle to adapt to his new electrical abilities and the altered world is not without cost. To decide whether he will be the city’s savior, its destroyer, or something in between, Cole must use his newfound power.

Participate in the thrilling adventure as Cole, a regular guy who suddenly finds he has superpowers. Feel the responsibility that comes with having superpowers that rely on electricity. Experience the immediate repercussions of your choices in epic battles against powerful enemies. Cole can access new fighting techniques by scaling buildings in Empire City, which can be explored at his leisure. The city is not a static setting; rather, it responds in a natural way to your actions. Everything you do has an effect on the city as a whole, changing the course of history and the lives of its citizens. Explore inFAMOUS, a world where your actions will have lasting consequences.

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