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Genre Action
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Puzzle-focused 3D game Rain is set in a city loosely based on mid-20th century Paris. The watercolour introduction introduces a young boy who is supposed to go to the circus but is bedridden with a fever. He hears a sound outside his window and sees a monster chasing a girl in the rain. He goes outside, follows the ghostly creatures through a light door, and discovers he is invisible like them. Stand in the rain to see his silhouette in the game’s constant rain. In dry or sheltering environments, he is invisible. He sought the girl before the monster.

The game takes place in a dark, 3D city with free movement and cinematic, fixed camera angles based on the boy’s position. Boys can run, jump, climb, and interact with their surroundings. He cannot attack, so he uses the environment to distract enemies or find cover for most of the game. He can move things to make platforms to reach new areas. To reach passages and nearby items, many enemies, who are invisible except in the rain, must be distracted by sounds and distractions. Running away and hiding is often necessary.

The game has 8 chapters. After finishing the game, you can collect three memories per chapter again. In the game, these orbs rise from the ground, often hidden in unexpected places, to add to the story. They only appear when the boy is nearby and can be picked up by walking over them.

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