God of War III (+RPCS3, Repack)

God of War III (+RPCS3, Repack)
Console Playstation 3
Genre Action , Role-Playing
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File size 13.3 GB
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In this God of War trilogy finale, the Ghost of Sparta returns. After God of War II, Kratos, the fallen god and spartan warrior, rides Gaia to Mt. Olympus. Kratos returns from the Underworld determined to kill Zeus by any means after being betrayed and killed by his father and ruler of Olympus to give up his power. Using the Titans, the former Elder Gods overthrown by Zeus and his brothers, he seeks revenge against the Olympians, knowing it will be difficult. Kratos will do anything to wreck Olympus with nothing to live for.

The gameplay of God of War III is similar to previous games. This hack-and-slash action game with platforming and puzzles lets players control Kratos as he fights many enemies. Fighting involves pressing button combinations for specific moves. When the correct symbol appears above an enemy, a QTE is triggered to kill them. Kratos gets the Cestus and Blade of Olympus to go with his old weapons.

Besides the single-player story mode, the game has other modes. The Chaos difficulty and Challenge of Olympus challenges unlock after finishing the game. After meeting certain requirements, the Treasure section contains videos like “The Making of God of War III” and Kratos-powered costumes.

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