Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo , Retro Studios
Genre Racing
Downloads 386,234
Size 63.07 M
Released December 4, 2011
3.7/5 (498 votes)
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Mario Kart 7 is a special game that can give you the highest entertainment experience with unique challenges. If you are a person who has a special interest in games developed in the kart racing genre, this will definitely be a game you should not miss. With this game, players will participate in the most intense car races, with the game’s theme being Mario’s characters.


This is a game brought from the manufacturer Nintendo in the series of games with many products that have been released before. And if you are a familiar player of the previous games, you may be very impressed with the gameplay that the game has brought to your play. Therefore, the game has tried to retain the familiar gameplay that the previous games have performed very well in the most detail.

Starting with his game, players will participate in different special races themed on Mario’s system. You can choose many racing options before starting your race with unique karts. Inside the game, you will be able to use power-ups that appear unexpectedly on the track to support your character or can interfere with rival cars.


With Mario Kart 7 brought to you, the manufacturer hopes to make unique changes with the karts that will be equipped. The game will have its own modified karts with superior sportiness that previous releases have never seen. You will have a special ability to customize your kart as the game will equip seventeen kart frames, ten wheels, and seven gliders to be able to create amazing combinations.

Through this feature, you will be able to completely control your car in the best way before entering the track to gain an advantage. An exciting change is the ability to appear supporting wind blades when the vehicle is operated in water terrain. Instead of playing before the car crashes into the water, the player will be fined; in this game, you will ultimately control them with the engine support.


Besides the special changes to the vehicle system equipped, the characters inside the game will also be exciting. The game will bring players with a system of sixteen different characters such as Wiggler, Honey Queen, Lakitu, Metal Mario, the Mii character saved in the system, and new ones added. Along with that is the ability to divide the characters into three different weight classes because they will directly affect their driving style.

The game will also give its players a system with special game modes inside their play. You will be participating in the system of single-player modes: Grand Prix, Time Trial, Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners, with different features to offer. Along with that is also a lot of different multiplayer game modes that have been equipped so that players can freely choose in their play.


Finally, it will be a special feature that the game is interested in to be able to give its players the best experience, which is graphics and sound. The creators will design the game’s graphics in great detail, reaching the highest level of image quality. The terrain of the game in this part will also have small changes to improve your racing ability.

The game’s sound system will be an exciting highlight when equipped with about 32 unique tracks played during the game. The game will present you with sixteen newly composed tracks along with sixteen redesigned “classic” tracks from previous plays. The tracks will be carefully combined with the visual parts that players experience to create extremely engaging, realistic racing experiences.


  • The game will be designed according to the familiar kart racing genre but combined with many newly changed and added extremely attractive features.
  • The racing gameplay of this game will be developed according to the familiar features in the series launched with success before.
  • The karts in your game will have the ability to be personalized with the help of propellers in the water.
  • A system with seventeen unique characters divided into three different weight classes for players to choose and fight other players.
  • Various game modes have been provided, including four single-player modes and various multiplayer modes to choose from.
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