Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Bandai Namco Games , Sora Ltd , Tri-crescendo
Genre Fighting
Region Japan
Downloads 314,963
Size 139.6 M
Released October 3, 2014
3.9/5 (886 votes)
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Super Smash Bros. is a particular game that can give its players unique entertainment capabilities through attractive features. If you are a particular fan of games designed in the style of combat, this is a game that you should not miss. With this game, players will be involved in many special battles where they can show their talent to win.


In order for a game to give its players the best playing experience, the gameplay will be one of the top features that need attention. That’s why the game makers have also created a fighter-style gameplay system on a multiplayer platform for their players. The player’s task in the games they participate in is to use attacks, special items, and techniques to eliminate their opponents from the field.

You will need to calculate the percentage of damage carefully you deal with your opponent in order to have a reasonable strategy. The more damage you take, the farther your opponents will be thrown, and eventually, they’ll be knocked far enough away from the floor and killed. So you will need to learn how to properly use a lot of different items arranged in the game to win easily.


With the familiar gameplay that the game brings compared to other games that have been released in this series, the character will be a big highlight. The game’s developers have made the decision to change the way the system operates characters inside this game so that players can have new experiences. Players will be able to fully customize both their existing characters and custom Mii Fighters as they come to their game.

Players will be able to feel a unique variety that the game has designed with options that they can experience in the character system. With each different character being customized, there will be the ability to change attacks and increase the inherent strength stats they possess. From there, character personalization will be able to give players special advantages in real battles.


Besides, the game modes that the game gives you are also unique features that you can experience exceptionally diversely. The local and online matches that players participate in with their friends will be fully able to customize the parameters to suit their preferences. Meanwhile, the online matches with strangers inside the game’s system will be divided into two modes that you can choose from: “For Fun” and “Glory.”

What’s more, the game will also give you special rewards to recognize the efforts you’ve made in your game. Similar to the previous installments that have been released, this game features trophies collected in the game based on the characters or items to be found. And in different game points, collectible awards and game features are exclusive to each version you participate in.


The last feature that plays a significant role in the player’s experience that the game wants to bring to them is the graphics. With games that own themselves, good graphic quality will be able to win the hearts and attraction of players right from the first login. And that is also the reason why the game’s makers have equipped you with a special graphics system that is exceptionally sharp.

With this game, the graphics will be built with many different elements that require the designer to ensure the highest level of detail. The context of the game will be designed with a lot of different methods of integrating outstanding graphics that will allow you to make the best of your battles. Along with that is the system with many different characters that will also be equipped inside your game with the image quality will be on top.


  • The game is designed with the fighting action game genre that is extremely familiar but attractive and attractive to the highest level.
  • The main gameplay that the game sets out is that the player needs to control his character to attack and eliminate the opponent from the field.
  • A special character system will be edited by the game with the feature that players can completely customize according to personal preferences.
  • Many game modes and attractive titles have been created for players to participate and get in their play.
  • The creators design the game’s graphics in extremely detailed design to bring the best image quality.
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