Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rare
Genre Action , Platform
Downloads 12,564
Size 26.47MB
Released November 22, 1999
4.1/5 (14 votes)
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Donkey Kong 64 is an adventure game developed by Rare and released exclusively for Nintendo 64. It’s the first game in the Donkey Kong series to use 3D graphics and open-world gameplay. Players will control Donkey Kong to overcome countless different challenges on a new island to rescue friends kidnapped by King K. Rool. The game will also emphasize the element of discovery, so players will have many opportunities to explore the environment, either physical interaction to progress the plot or collect scattered items. Compared to previous games in the series, Donkey Kong 64 is a game with entirely different gameplay, but retains some traditional elements that have appeared in previous games.

Donkey Kong 64 is a platform adventure game that uses 3D graphics to develop worlds and gameplay. Players will control Donkey Kong through a third perspective and undergo a series of challenges, puzzles, and terrain to progress the plot. On the way, there will be many collectible items, and if the player collects them in a certain amount, the game will unlock new bonuses for players to enjoy. Also, Donkey Kong 64 is an open-ended world game and connected by tunnels or pads. Players can fast travel between different areas to explore or finish quests, as well as collect leftover items. The game has countless surprises and various items for players to collect to unlock hidden achievements.

Based on the plot, the player will have to rescue his friends who have been kidnapped by King K. Rool. Interestingly, these characters will be playable characters after being rescued. Each character has its characteristics as well as special abilities, thereby making the game more diverse and more vibrant when players can play more gorillas. However, players can only control a single gorilla, and can only switch to other gorillas in some particular locations. Besides, the game will emphasize puzzle elements, and the game will have a multitude of different types of puzzles for players, players can solve puzzles by interacting with the environment, pushing objects, and activate some mechanics. The game will also bring players many different mini-games to entertain or have fun with friends.

Donkey Kong 64 can support more than four players at a time, but the game mode will be different, and the game will unlock many mini-games at the same time for players to choose.

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