Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Strategy
Region Japan
Downloads 11,815
Released April 30, 1999
4/5 (27 votes)
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Pokémon Stadium is a strategy game that belongs to the Pokémon franchise, and it is one of the independent series that has completely new gameplay and features compared to other series. The series uses 3D graphics to build gameplay as well as the environment, and it does not have a specific plot, so it is not considered an adventure role-playing game series. Players who come to this game will immediately be given some starting pokemon, and then start fighting with other trainers to defeat the high-ranking players in the world. The gameplay is simple, the graphics are top-notch, and the feature is completely different from other games.

Pokémon Stadium mainly emphasizes the turn-based tactics element, so it does not have a plot as well as a well-defined world for players to explore. However, it has a variety of combat mechanisms, and a massive experience system for players to enjoy with their Pokémon. Players can still control the character through the third perspective and wander in the stadium to challenge. The game has a challenging system that is developed in detail and in-depth, and it is divided into many different rankings for players to assert their fighting skills. In Stadium mode, players can receive various trophies, each cup will be divided into many small ranks, and players will have to go from low to high even if changing the cup.

The combat mechanism was developed in a turn-based style, and it is similar to the previous games of the Pokémon. However, the control interface will be changed, and with 3D graphics will make the battle more interesting when the visual effects come alive and eye-catching. Players can only use three of their six Pokémon, and players can use items to support their Pokémon. The variety of items will make the game more interesting when players can strengthen, recover, increase defense, and transform. Pokémon will also mature after each battle, and when reaching the maximum level, they will begin to evolve and change shape, and they will unlock new skills.

The variety of Pokémon and its elements is one of the attractive features of this game. Players have different ways to own new Pokémon, but just the Pokémon has appeared in the game Pokémon Game Boy platform. However, it offers players a massive battle system, as well as countless different mini-games for players to enjoy and bring many attractive gifts.

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