Paper Mario

Paper Mario
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Role-Playing
Region China
Downloads 9,156
Size 22.56MB
Released August 11, 2000
3.8/5 (24 votes)
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Paper Mario is a role-playing game in the Super Mario universe and also the first game of the Paper Mario series. The game was released exclusively on Nintendo 64, and it was the first game to develop role-playing games using characters in the Super Mario universe. The game has a plot revolving around the character Mario with the mission to rescue Princess Peach, take back the castle, and many other things from Bowser. Compared to other games of the Super Mario franchise, this game has a plot developed in a role-playing style and focusing on fighting elements. Players will enjoy the most fantastic experience, as well as entirely new gameplay right in Paper Mario.

Paper Mario is a role-playing adventure game that uses the characters of the Super Mario franchise to develop gameplay and the world. Players will control Mario through many different screens, which are overworld and battle screen. The game applies a turn-based combat mechanism, and the player will enter a battle mode if an enemy appears on the overworld. On the overworld, players can go to many different locations to continue with the storyline, and on the way, there will appear countless challenges, puzzles, and enemies for the player. Mario is equipped with a hammer to help break physical obstacles or to help players in solving puzzles. Moreover, players can control other characters who have a variety of skills and personalities that can help Mario complete the quest.

When the player fights with an enemy, the screen switches to battle mode with a turn-based style, players can only control up to two characters at once, that is Mario and any one character. Each character will have a unique set of skills, and players will have more choices in choosing tactics. The game will have an experience points system, which makes Mario and his teammates stronger over time as the player destroys many monsters along the way. Players can interact with multiple NPCs in cities, and the game uses 3D graphics to build environments, while characters are designed in a 2D style. The plot of the game will take players everywhere, go through many challenges, and fight the bosses who are keeping essential items.

Paper Mario was one of the first games developed in the role-playing adventure style, and it was very successful on its release. It uses simple graphics but has in-depth gameplay and many exciting things for players to explore. If you are looking for a game to entertain with your N64, then this game will be a great experience.

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