Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Console Nintendo 64
Genre Sports
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Released September 29, 1999
3.3/5 (9 votes)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a sports game that simulates skateboarding around the world. Moreover, the game is named after a professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk. The game is famous for allowing players to control Tony Hawk through a third perspective and perform a variety of skateboarding techniques. The game has gameplay developed with depth, allowing players to interact with the environment directly and perform many techniques in a short time. Besides, this is the first game of the series, and also a way to bring players to a beautiful world of skateboarding.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater boasts the ability to design interactive environments and the ability to create combos by combining buttons. The variety of techniques is what makes the player attractive and always wants to perform many different techniques in a short time. The game does not have a clear storyline, and players only need to perform many combos in challenges to unlock more attractive features. Tony Hawk is a professional in skateboarding and has also inspired many people with endless passion, and this game will simulate everything from him. This game has a flexible control mechanism, and with many different control buttons for players to form a perfect combo.

Each challenge will have different objectives for the player, and they will randomly surprise and motivate the player in completing it. If the player completes the challenge within the time, the game will have a reward based on the player’s achievement. With those rewards, players can unlock new techniques and new skins for skateboards or characters. The variety of challenges, techniques, costumes, skins are the things that make this game stand out and appealing to players. The game also allows players to choose a map to practice, but the challenge will automatically select a random map corresponding to its objectives.

The game also supports multiplayer with a split-screen feature of up to two people and will unlock more new game modes for everyone to enjoy together through mini-games or challenges. On the first day, it appeared on the market, the game immediately attracted a lot of attention, and inspired the skateboarding to everyone as well as its art. This game is also considered as one of the best games for Nintendo 64.

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