Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rare
Genre Adventure , Platform , Puzzle
Region Japan
Downloads 5,508
Size 30.83MB
Released November 20, 2000
3.9/5 (10 votes)
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Banjo-Tooie is a platform adventure game with upgraded graphics and a 3D environment for players to explore around and collect items. Players will control the pair through a third perspective, and the smooth control mechanism allows the player to control the two characters simultaneously. Similar to the previous game, Banjo-Tooie requires the player to collect jigsaw pieces called Jiggies. And players don’t necessarily have to collect Jiggies fragments in order. However, the game will unlock more exciting things based on the number of Jiggies that players have collected. The game unlocks things like challenges, new areas, and even new collectible items for players to collect.

Musical notes will also be introduced in this game, but it will be used to unlock new moves for Banjo and Tooie. To unlock new moves, players will have to meet Jamjar, the mole, who often appears at essential locations. Moreover, players will still have to use Gruntilda’s Lair to move between areas, and it acts as an overworld and connects areas with tunnels. As players travel to new lands, the environment will change, and there are some outstanding features to bring new experiences for players.

Banjo-Tooie’s ability is diverse and rich in many different ways, and players can use these two characters on a variety of terrains to solve puzzles or progress the plot. The game will have some major changes to the world, such as connection points, as well as special vehicles for players to move. In other words, Banjo-Tooie is a comprehensive upgrade game, and it has loads of new features in the gameplay and storyline for players to explore and experience. Banjo-Tooie’s abilities will become more diverse than the predecessor, even appearing new things for players to enjoy and entertain.

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