Another Super Mario Bros. Wii

Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher NewerTeam
Developer Skawo
Genre Platform
Downloads 27,328
Size 432.84 M
Released December 5, 2010
3.4/5 (110 votes)
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The plot

“Another Super Mario Bros” for Wii brings back Mario’s mushroom-filled world in a thrilling new adventure. Mario saves Princess Peach from Bowser by navigating increasingly tricky levels. Although true to the Mario story, the plot has exciting twists and turns that entertain new and old players. The game masterfully blends classic elements from its predecessors with compelling new storylines, preserving the beloved franchise while daring to innovate.

Gameplay and graphics

“Another Super Mario Bros” is still fun. It blends the nostalgic simplicity of the original games with the Wii’s dynamic capabilities. Swinging the Wii remote lets players jump, run, and perform special moves. Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers enhance the fun and challenge. This game looks fantastic. It recreates Mario’s world in rich, high-definition detail while retaining the series’ charming 2D aesthetics. Each level’s intricate backgrounds and smooth character animations are stunning.


“Another Super Mario Bros” shines because of its memorable characters. Players can control Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach at exceptional levels. Character abilities add strategy to the gameplay. Bowser, the main antagonist, has been redesigned to scare players. Goombas, Koopas, and new enemies return. New characters with funny and heartwarming interactions add to the game’s charm.

Game features

  • Immersive Storyline: Mario themes with new twists.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Wii motion controls and fun platforming make for a thrilling experience.
  • High-definition graphics enhance the series’ charming 2D aesthetics.
  • Character Diversity: Play as iconic characters with unique abilities to enhance gameplay.
  • Classic Power-ups: Add fun and challenge with a series of power-ups.
  • Different Levels: Explore gorgeous levels with unique challenges.
  • Memorable Antagonists: Fight new and revamped foes.
  • Entertaining New characters have funny and touching conversations.
  • Local Multiplayer: Play with up to four players.
  • Progressive Difficulty: The game gets harder as you play, making it balanced and rewarding.
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