Deca Sports 2

Deca Sports 2
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Hudson Soft
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Sports
Region Europe
Downloads 1,994
Size 379.18 M
Released September 29, 2009
5/5 (1 vote)
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Sports Island 2, or Deca Sports 2 in the U.S., introduces Mogul Skiing, Tennis, Speed Skating, Dodgeball, Petanque, Ice Hockey, Darts, Synchronized Swimming, Road Racing, and Kendo. These sports can be played individually or in the series’ new, intense League System.


Deca Sports 2 takes players from Mogul Skiing to Road Racing in a whirlwind sports tour. Tennis, Speed Skating, Dodgeball, Petanque, Ice Hockey, Darts, Synchronized Swimming, and Kendo add variety to athletics. This diverse lineup lets players try different sports, either solo or in the new League System.


Deca Sports 2 lets players create avatars and play with friends or AI teammates. After completing your avatar, you can play Open mode. Four players can compete, mixing human and CPU players for a customizable experience.

Competitions and more

Deca Sports 2’s Tournament mode pits four humans against four CPUs, raising the bar for the competition. Tournaments boost competitiveness and adrenaline, whether you’re playing against friends or AI. Ready for gold?

Gameplay: Fun and Competition

Like its predecessor, Deca Sports 2 emphasizes fun and competition, with each sporting event requiring precision and timing. The game’s subtle controls replicate Petanque’s refined skills and Ice Hockey’s swift, tactical maneuvers. Players will enjoy and be challenged by carefully chosen sports.

Conclusion: More than a sport

Deca Sports 2 combines many sports with engaging gameplay and competitive elements. With in-game avatars, you can turn a sports game into a personalized, immersive sports experience. Deca Sports 2 is fun and diverse for sports fans and casual gamers alike.

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