Deca Sports

Deca Sports
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Hudson Soft
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Sports
Region Europe
Downloads 3,370
Size 167.14 M
Released May 13, 2008
3.5/5 (2 votes)
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Deca Sports, or Sports Island, is a thrilling multiplayer game that tests players’ reflexes and skills across ten disciplines. This exciting game includes Football, Basketball, Curling, and Figure Skating.


The game offers varied athletics. Football, Basketball, Badminton, Curling, Figure Skating, and more are available. Deca Sports’ many disciplines prevent boredom.

Immersive and variable controls

Deca Sports events optimize the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Every twist of the wrist and flick of the controller will affect your performance in Archery or Snowboarding.

Flowing figure skating

In Figure Skating, players must time their jumps and spins to impress the judges. Remember, landing the perfect triple axle isn’t enough—it’s about doing it with flair!

Multi-game modes for fun

The game includes play styles other than single-player and multiplayer, making it dynamic and versatile. The game’s multiplayer mode shines, fostering camaraderie and competition like few others.

Full sports schedule

The game features Beach Volleyball, Snowboard Cross, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Figure Skating, Archery, Supercross, Football, and Kart Racing. Each has its challenges and skills, promising hours of fun and competition.

Deca Sports offers a diverse, action-packed, thrilling sporting experience for up to four players in ten disciplines. Whether you’re a couch potato or a serious gamer, this game will unleash your competitive spirit. Grab that Wii Remote, gather your friends, and may the best player win!

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