Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 1,113
Released November 23, 2007
2.2/5 (6 votes)
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The first Tomb Raider video game was released in 1996. For their time, the 3D gaming controls, graphics, and design were genuinely revolutionary. In addition, Lara Croft, a distinct female human playable character, was offered to gamers so they could form a bond with her. One of the best action adventure games ever, the original Tomb Raider has sold over seven million copies and is still hailed as a true masterpiece. Tomb Raider revolutionized gaming and helped make the PlayStation what it is today.


  • Live the game Lara Croft, the all-time best action heroine, will utilize all of her cunning, prowess, and tools in her mission to conquer the uncharted and unearth prehistoric artifacts.
  • Utilizing the most recent technology from Crystal Dynamics, you may move Lara across all of the original Tomb Raider’s worlds, including Peru, Greece, Egypt, and more, using her most up-to-date moves and equipment. The dynamic universe provides numerous gameplay choices as well as fresh locations and avenues for exploration. The most recent technology from Crystal enables the settings to acquire an amazing new quality.
  • Explore uncharted and enigmatic worlds; access weird, unexplored areas and resolve their most complex puzzles; unlock doorways to new worlds; reap immense riches; and learn about Lara’s background.
  • Startling adversary experiences: meet the vicious animal and mysterious foes, like T-Rex, wolves, bears, and crocodiles. All adversaries will display a more varied variety of behaviors thanks to new and upgraded AI, increasing the player’s battle challenges.

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