Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Team Ninja
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 6,804
Size 5.85 G
Released August 31, 2010
4.7/5 (4 votes)
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Samus Aran is known for being one of the first female main characters in video games and one of the most mysterious. Samus finally tells her own story in this revealing, personal story about her failures, flaws, and ultimately what drives her. She gave up her haunted past for the lonely life of a bounty hunter.

Metroid: Other M is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the world-famous Team Ninja development team and the people who made the original Metroid. The result is a smooth, action-packed game that looks great. Metroid: Other M is a bold new mix of cinematic storytelling and the best in interactive entertainment. It is a dramatic new direction for a long-running series.


  • Metroid: Other M combines the best parts of first-person and third-person games to make a seamless blend of gameplay, story, and cinematography that feels like a movie the player can control. In third-person games, players move around and fight by holding the Wii Remote controller on their side. But at any time, players can switch to the Wii Remote pointer controls to look around and learn more about the environments from a first-person view.
  • Fans of the game “Metroid” know more about Samus’s suits and weapons than what drives her. That will soon change. The story starts right after what happened in Super Metroid when a baby Metroid died to protect Samus. With voice acting and a deep story, players learn about Samus’s past as she goes on an action-packed adventure on the decommissioned space station Bottle Ship. As Samus races into this new adventure, she will meet Adam Malkovich, who is the Commanding Officer of the Galactic Federation and will be her first mentor.
  • Yoshio Sakamoto of Nintendo and Team Ninja worked together to make Metroid: Other M, which is an exciting project. In 1994, Sakamoto was in charge of making Super Metroid. Ninja Gaiden was made by the well-known action game company Team Ninja. Metroid: Other M combines the classic Metroid series’ expert-level design and focuses on exploring with Team Ninja’s signature style and no-holds-barred action.
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