Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Strategy
Region North America
Downloads 5,450
Size 3.27 G
Released March 9, 2009
3.5/5 (4 votes)
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Just when you thought Pikmin couldn’t get any better, it did! NEW PLAY CONTROL is here for all of you, whether you already love Pikmin or haven’t been won over by its allure yet. Pikmin now makes extensive use of the point-and-select functionality of the Wii Remote, which will be immensely satisfying for those who take pleasure in real-time strategy adventures.

You play the role of Captain Olimar, a spaceman who has an accident on a strange planet. The planet is populated by Pikmin, who are weird flower-like organisms that are half-animal and half-plant, as well as a number of dangerous monsters that will try to prevent you from completing your objective. Pikmin can be found in the world. The obedient Pikmin are fortunately there to assist Captain Olimar in gathering the thirty pieces of his wrecked ship that have been dispersed around the surface of the planet in order to reconstruct his ship as well as continue his quest to explore the galaxy.

Olimar needs to make the most of the specialized capabilities that each variety of Pikmin has in order to succeed. Pikmin that are red have the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures, Pikmin that are blue can live in water, and Pikmin that are yellow can use bomb rocks to remove obstructions. The Wii Remote makes picking, grouping, and giving instructions to your Pikmin more smooth and more natural than ever before, making the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. Players have the ability to control up to 100 Pikmin at any given time, organizing them singly, in teams, or in an army of 100.

The NEW PLAY CONTROL! edition of the game as well features an updated save system. This new feature gives you the ability to restart the game on any day you choose, making it ideal for replaying an especially tricky puzzle task. Pikmin is a video game that will keep your mind active for a significant amount of time as you race against the clock to solve puzzles and fight enemies with the assistance of an army of adorable and lovable critters.

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