Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Electronic Arts , Inc.
Developer Behaviour Interactive , Inc.
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 1,864
Size 1.54 G
Released March 1, 2011
5/5 (2 votes)
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The film Rango, featuring Johnny Depp and produced by Gore Verbinski, served as the inspiration for the creation of a brand-new action and adventure computer game titled Rango.

The action-adventure video game Rango actually took place in a grittier, more miniature version of the Wild West as well as features characters with questionable morals, wild rides, and intense gunfights. Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to interact with the citizens of the town of Dirt while playing through Rango’s zany Tall Tales of Adventure. These stories are packed with stressful moments and absurd circumstances.

After the players have successfully rescued Dirt from the drought, they will be tasked with preserving Rango’s fame as Sheriff and embarking on his crazy adventures. Rango will require the players to perform dizzying feats of heroism while he tells his fellow Dirtonians incredible and awe-inspiring stories. The players will travel to a variety of locations, some of which are seen in the movie and some of which are not, and they will be tasked with accomplishing tasks that are nearly impossible as they work to discover a sinister alien plot that has the potential to abduct the entire human population of Dirt. Along the way, Rango will come across all of the elements that are characteristic of an adventure that takes place in the Old West, such as riding, jumping, brawling, and shooting, all of which are crafted from the film’s little desert landscape.

Rango the Video Game will offer gaming sequences that will leave players in wonder; genuine characters; dramatic action; and bizarre settings that are sure to excite the fans’ already vivid imaginations.

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