Rune Factory: Frontier

Rune Factory: Frontier
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Xseed Games
Developer Neverland
Genre Life Simulation , Role-Playing
Downloads 7,058
Size 1.85 G
Released March 17, 2009
4.3/5 (6 votes)
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This is the first installment of Rune Factory for a home console, and it was developed by the same team that brought you Harvest Moon and Rune Factory for the Nintendo DS.

Rune Factory: Frontier is a role-playing video game that was created specifically for the Wii console. It has breathtaking graphics and makes full use of the Wii’s one-of-a-kind control scheme to fully submerge players in the Rune Factory universe. Rune Factory: Frontier features a flexible design that gives players the ability to choose the genre of gameplay they’d like to engage in during their time with the game. The experience is different for each player, whether it is cultivating crops, growing the town, battling monsters (or making friends with them), expanding the village, or even falling in love.

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