Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Platform
Downloads 47,350
Size 3.19 G
Released November 12, 2007
3.5/5 (280 votes)
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Take on the role of Mario as he explores the gravity-bending cosmos by launching himself from planet to planet to navigate in and out of gravitational zones. As they sprint upside down through bizarre alien realms that have to be seen to be believed, players go through vertiginous viewpoint alterations. There is no end to the kind of cosmic obstacles that you will face; for example, you may be riding a ray across an ocean in the clouds, rolling on a ball through a dangerous garden, or floating in a bubble over a toxic swamp.


  • Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control Mario is a breeze. Players direct Mario’s movement with the Control Stick and shake the Wii Remote to perform a spin move or trigger stars that launch him to and from planetary objects. Mario may also be found to and from other planetary things. Players may also use their pointing devices to gather Star Bits or attach themselves to stars to create a magnetic path across the skies.
  • Don’t feel like venturing off into the void by yourself? Another person can play with you if you have a second Wii Remote. They can help you gather Star Bits by pointing at them and then firing them at your opponents. To make Mario’s journey a little less complicated, the second player can deflect missiles and halt adversaries.
  • Explore the reaches of space to find whole new forms of metamorphosis! When playing as Boo Mario, you can walk through barriers and even float above the ground! Alternately, you may turn Mario into a bee and fly through the air!
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