Tornado Outbreak

Tornado Outbreak
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Konami
Developer Loose Cannon Studios
Genre Action
Downloads 779
Size 2.87 G
Released November 12, 2009
5/5 (1 vote)
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Unleash the fury of a whirlwind and fight the dark forces to save the world! In the gripping game “Tornado Outbreak,” you’re tricked into thinking you’re helping an epic hero when you’re working for evil. Control a tornado that devours and spits everything in open spaces. As your destructive power grows, you fight time, collection, and point challenges to find hidden elements and alien enemies. Watch the debris fly as you defeat bosses and dark forces. Rip it apart!

Goal-driven competitions

In “Tornado Outbreak,” players are driven by time, point, and collection. You can explore the story or add missions. Each competition brings you closer to defeating evil, increasing the thrill.

Multi-level HD Destruction

Tear through 11 stunning, high-definition levels. Each level has a new landscape to ravage, adding excitement and variety to the gameplay. From rural areas to bustling cities, you destroy everything!

Evolving Character Skills

New moves and combos will unlock as you play. This keeps gameplay fresh and makes you eager for the next upgrade and its increased destructive power.

Diverse Gameplay for Everyone

“Tornado Outbreak” has action for casual and hardcore gamers. This game offers relaxed play or intense town-tearing. Real-time destruction and sandbox gameplay let you destroy anything, anytime, anywhere!

Advanced Chain Mode

Advanced chain collecting allows skilled players to kill villainous creatures. Your tornado collects debris and grows as you twist through comical characters and odd objects. Kill enemies in chain collection mode for a more formidable challenge, and watch your tornado grow.


Cooperative multiplayer doubles the fun. Enjoy wreaking havoc together. Because let’s be honest, what’s more fun than wreaking havoc with a fellow whirlwind enthusiast?


“Tornado Outbreak” is a unique game that uses destruction for the greater good. Its diverse challenges, evolving character abilities, diverse gameplay, advanced collecting modes, and cooperative multiplayer option guarantee an action-packed, fun-filled gaming session for all players.

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