uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher THQ
Developer Pipeworks Software
Downloads 642
Size 671.07 M
Released November 15, 2011
5/5 (1 vote)
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Welcome to limitless creativity. “uDraw Studio: Instant Artist,” bundled with the revolutionary uDraw GameTablet, lets anyone draw. This game enables players to doodle, draw, and create masterpieces using a variety of art creation modes and simple tools. You can create, save, and share your art, making it social.



The game’s innovative uDraw GameTablet makes “uDraw Studio: Instant Artist” unique. This modern marvel lets players touch and play the game. It is a controller and a canvas, offering intuitive and accessible artistic possibilities for artists of all skill levels.


Strong art creation modes

Art creation modes are a game highlight. The game lets you draw simple doodles or intricate masterpieces. Drawing styles, color palettes, and animations can be explored. The game makes art fun for both severe artists and casual doodlers.



“uDraw Studio: Instant Artist” is user-friendly, so everyone can play, regardless of artistic skill. It has pencils and paintbrushes. You can choose from many colors, adjust stroke thickness, and use the undo function. The game simulates pencil-and-paper drawing as closely as possible.


Saving and sharing your art

“uDraw Studio: Instant Artist” has significant saving and sharing features. You can save your art after putting your heart and soul into it. The game also encourages artists to share their work and learn from each other. This social feature makes creating a shared experience, enriching the artistic journey.



“uDraw Studio: Instant Artist” is most charming when it turns doodles into masterpieces. This game encourages players to see art in even the simplest sketches. Players can enhance their doodles with its simple tools and multiple modes. The game encourages artists of all levels to explore their creativity.

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