We Sing: UK Hits

We Sing: UK Hits
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Nordic Games
Developer Le Cortex
Genre Music
Downloads 400
Released March 27, 2014
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“We Sing UK Hits,” the first game in the “We Sing” series to focus on British music, lets you sing in the spotlight. This game features only songs by acclaimed UK artists from the past six decades.

British music legends.

“We Sing: UK Hits” honors British music with 40 classic and contemporary hits. You can sing along to David Bowie, Queen, Plan B, Adele, and Jessie J hits. The game lets you sing British music!

Multi-singer game pioneer

The “We Sing” series pioneered four-singer games. It’s a party! Host a British music fest in your living room with friends and family.


We Sing: UK Hits is about proper singing. The game provides singing lessons. The game has depth and replayability with Solo, Party, and Karaoke modes and single and multi-player in-game awards. Karaoke mode lets purists sing without vocals.

Customizable stats

“We Sing UK Hits” lets you customize your singing session with colors, wallpapers, and menu music. It provides detailed player statistics to help you understand and improve your singing.

Compatible technology

This game supports HDTV’s 16:9 widescreen and anti-lag, making singing smooth and beautiful. It works with Logitech® USB Microphones from Sing It, High School Musical 3, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band and has a four-port USB hub.


“We Sing: UK Hits” promises an immersive singing experience with its large selection of British hits, multi-singer features, singing lessons, customizable interface, and advanced compatibility. This game lets you show off your singing skills, whether you’re a budding singer or just having fun!

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