Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4
Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Genre Action , Sandbox , Shooter
Downloads 209
Released November 18, 2014
3.7/5 (22 votes)

Ubisoft is one of the famous game making with many unique games for players to experience. One of their most famous games is Assassin’s Creed with lots of quality game parts for players to experience. During its development, these series have always received love from players, including the plot and the gameplay. But since not all have achieved the expected success, there are still parts of the series that do not meet the requirements. In it, the most famous game because it did not meet the expectations of the player was Assassin’s Creed Unity, and this was a shame of Ubisoft in 2014. But that same year, there was another The name that disappointed the player was Watch Dogs that was released that year. So to be able to revive Ubisoft’s brand, they need a high-quality game to meet the needs of the players. And the game that was chosen to do that was Far Cry 4 – a popular shooting game. This game is the fourth part of the game, with lots of new things for players to feel.

What makes this game so attractive to players is the game’s quest system. When coming to the game, the player will be provided with an extensive task system with many different tasks for players to perform. The mission of the game is also very diverse, with many unique requirements for players to experience, such as robbing supply, attacking patrol convoy. Besides the mission of the main task, the game also has a lot of side quests for players to perform. The side quests of the game are also very diverse and exciting compared to the main tasks to bring a new experience for players.

In many games, the primary means for players to move and attack are cars. The cars have become one of the essential things, but now, the vehicle has been replaced with elephants. Players can control the elephant to hit straight into the enemy base to be able to destroy the enemy. Players imagine riding an elephant and in hand need a gun to fight, that scene is monumental.

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