Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Sports
Downloads 545
Released September 17, 2013
2.3/5 (6 votes)
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Football is always the most popular sport worldwide, with a huge number of players up to billions of fans. Many countries become famous because of having a strong football background to be able to compete with other countries. Every year, numerous big and small tournaments are held in many different countries so that teams can participate. This number is impressive because almost every country has its tournaments to satisfy the people. There is a global tournament that is the World Cup to attract more countries to join. Not only is it popular in practice, but football has also become an endless source of inspiration for launching many games. So, where is the most popular and best-known football game series? It was FIFA and PES, both of whom competed for a very long time to find the winner. So today, let’s come to the game FIFA 14 – one of the games that play a significant role in the FIFIA series. This game was released on the PS4 platform and quickly went on to say the success comes from its seniors to become famous.

In this game, everything has been dramatically improved, including the game mode and gameplay for the player to feel. FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode that has been extremely popular in this series when it allows players to build their level to compete with others. This is a very familiar mode, so there are not too many changes for players to experience. The difference is mostly concentrated in Career Mode; players can use the Global Scouting Network to search for global talent. Players can search for many different talents to form the most powerful squad.

The previous games, the way to dribble, the way to pass the ball, are somewhat inconsistent with reality and make the game unreal. But in this version, everything has been overcome very well to bring authenticity to the game. The way players move and perform techniques are created by the game’s creative team entirely for players to experience. The shot and the path of the ball was also redone to make it closer to reality.

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