Need for Speed

Need for Speed
Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Ghost
Genre Racing
Downloads 4,006
Size 17.59 GB
Released November 7, 2015
3.3/5 (12 votes)
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The racing game series is a popular game genre with many players, especially those who are passionate about speed. Similar to many other game genres, the racing genre also has its specific titles for players to experience. One of the highest-rated game series on the market is Need for Speed – a series of games with a long life span. This game series has released countless famous names for players to experience, and they are all made at the hands of the Black Box. When this series was ceded to the Criterion Games, the game franchise became more and more inferior to games like Pro Street or Undercover. But the game maker from England is still strong enough to release two more titles to revive the whole series, Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted 2012. But in 2013, another game maker took over the series to release a new game, and they were Ghost Games. This is a very new manufacturer, and when they took over this brand, many players were worried about the game made because they would not have good quality. But Need for Speed: Rivals proved the opposite, but it became very successful and became one of the best parts of the series.

In this game, players will continue to race in the city to increase the challenge of the game. But if you do so, the player will have to confront the police are chasing to catch the player. Players not only race against rivals to win but also race against the police to escape. If, in reality, the police is difficult to chase the supercars that players are using to race. But in the game, the cars used by the police are not standard, so it will be difficult for players to escape.

Speed ​​List is a new feature, and this is a list of things that players need to do to level up and unlock new cars. In this game, it is not merely to accumulate money to unlock the car, but the player will have to complete the task to do it. The mission of the game is also very diverse, with many different requirements for players to perform.

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