Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2
Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar Studio
Genre Shooter
Downloads 5,104
Size 79.43 GB
Released October 26, 2018
3.8/5 (78 votes)
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Rockstar Studios is one of the names that are appreciated by many players because the games they make are of very high quality. In it, there is a game line that has made their name and received the welcome of many players that is Grand Theft Auto. This game is a gangster theme that players can not ignore, even at present, this is still a popular series. There is no doubt about Rockstar Studios’ ability to make games, besides the cult series GTA, they also have many other famous series that is Red Dead. This series of games is a shooting game set in the Wild West scene and has been well received by many players. Since the first installment of the first part, it took eight years, hundreds of millions of dollars, the second part of the game is Red Dead Redemption 2 to be released. Rockstar has shown the thorough investment of they made the game to bring the best experience to the players: Since its launch on the PS4 platform, the game has not disappointed players after eight years of waiting to experience the game. In the eyes of the game, the game has earned more than $ 750 million and sold 17 million copies, showing the attraction of the game.

When it comes to the game, the mission is indispensable for very Many tasks for players to perform. The task system will be arranged in chronological order and story in the game for players to explore. But this is not the interest of this game, that’s not what Rockstar is aiming for. What they’re aiming for is the game’s story that is expressed through the interaction of the game’s characters. Players can hear their voices, the way they read, facial expressions to gain a deeper understanding of the character’s personality.

After the end of the first part, all members have left the old land to flee to another place. This land is unexplored, so it is straightforward, plus the beauty of the Wild West of the 1899s, this is a beautiful place. Players will spend most of the time here to be able to both quests and explore the beauty of this city.

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