Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Genre Action , Adventure , Sandbox , Shooter
Downloads 1,296
Size 22.81 GB
Released May 27, 2014
3.5/5 (4 votes)
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Ubisoft has long been famous for ARPG games combined with stealth action elements for players to experience. The game that made their name is Assassin’s Creed – a killer game series that is very popular with many players. This series of games has marked a turning point in Ubisoft’s style of making games to launch more products. After succeeding with Assassin’s Creed, the second part, they did not stop but continued to secretly develop a new game, which is Watch Dogs. In terms of gameplay, the game has a lot of similarities with its killer brother, but the context is closer to the actual player. The game quickly achieved commercial success and broke the record for the most significant sales on the first day of the Ubisoft game. The game’s sales have reached more than 10 million copies, and this is enough to prove the attraction of the game. Although the game has caused some frustration for players in terms of graphics, it was offset by the gameplay.

This game gives players a very familiar context that is the city of Chicago and smartphone users. Here, it was created to be able to control all mobile devices of people that is ctOS. ctOS is something that can be called the Eye of the God when it can see everything and know everything about this city. So anyone who can hack the system of ctOS can be seen as a supreme being, and that is Aiden, the character that the player will play. The gameplay of the game is combined between monumental chases and stealthy actions to evade enemies. It can be said that this is the perfect combination between Assassin’s Creed and GTA V.

In this game, there are dozens of tasks that players can perform; those tasks are what lead to the outcome of the game. The mission of the game is also very diverse, with many different requirements for players to perform, from things like hacking the system, fighting, and many other things. The game has many side quests for players to perform to uncover the mystery of the game.

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