Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition

Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition
Console Sony Playstation Vita
Publisher Xseed Games
Developer GameTek
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Downloads 1,657
Size 1.09 G
Released October 30, 2012
4.3/5 (27 votes)
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Game Arts’ PlayStation 3 action RPG “Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition” is set in Ragnarok Online. Real-time action RPGs replace MMORPGs. Giants threaten “Midgard,” forcing its inhabitants to fight for survival.

Sword Warrior, Assassin, Hunter, Mage, Hammersmith, and Cleric start the game—class-specific gameplay. Monster hunting, exploration, and action drive the story.


“Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition” has more dynamic combat visuals and vibrant graphics like Ragnarok Online. Anime-inspired character designs enhance the game’s gorgeous illustrations.

Norse monsters are intricate. The game has green pastures and dark caves. Players’ NPC interactions enhance the story.

“Ragnarok Odyssey: Mercenary Edition” lets players customize their characters with cosmetic headgear.

Game features:

Class-Based System: Six classes offer unique gameplay.

Co-Op: Fight monsters and complete quests with three other players.
Vibrant Graphics: Ragnarok Online-like graphics.
Explore a vast, dangerous world.
Story: Ask NPCs.
Headgear customization.
Action RPG: Fast-fight giant monsters.
Complete many quests with different rewards and challenges.
Quests, monsters, and more are added frequently.
Unique classes encourage multiple playthroughs.

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