VA-11 Hall-A

VA-11 Hall-A
Console Sony Playstation Vita
Publisher Limited Run Games , Wolfgame
Developer Sukeban Games , Wolfgame
Genre Visual Novel
Region World
Downloads 2,243
Size 276.22 M
Released November 14, 2017
3.8/5 (5 votes)
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Plot and Story

VA-11 HALL-A presents a world that is a fascinating blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and waifu culture, set against the backdrop of a dystopian future. In this world, you play as Jill, a bartender in a small downtown bar known as VA-11 HALL-A. Unlike many dystopian stories, the game focuses not on the heroes trying to change the world but on the everyday lives of the people living there. Your role as a bartender allows you to interact with a colorful cast of characters, each with unique stories, issues, and worldviews. As you mix and serve drinks, you listen to your customer’s accounts, help them through their troubles, and in doing so, unveil the rich narrative tapestry of the game.

Gameplay and Graphics

VA-11 HALL-A diverges from the traditional game structure by focusing on the narrative and your interaction with the customers rather than high-stakes conflict or complicated puzzles. The primary gameplay mechanic is mixing drinks for your customers. The glass you serve can affect the direction of the conversations, leading to different dialogues and outcomes. The game rewards attentive listening and thoughtful decision-making. VA-11 HALL-A sports a distinct pixel art style reminiscent of old-school adventure games but infused with neon colors and cyberpunk aesthetics. The result is a visually engaging game that perfectly captures the look and feel of a dystopian future.


The characters of VA-11 HALL-A are its heart and soul. As the bartender, you interact with various patrons, from corporate executives and hackers to android sex workers and artificially intelligent dogs. Each character is thoroughly fleshed out, with their personalities, hopes, fears, and worldviews meticulously crafted. These characters don’t just feel like NPCs; they feel like people, each with their stories that contribute to the game’s overall narrative. As Jill, your interactions with these characters aren’t just transactions; they’re connections that help you understand this dystopian world better.


  1. Interactive Storytelling: The story progresses based on how you interact with your customers.
  2. Drink Mixing Mechanics: Craft drinks using available ingredients to steer conversations.
  3. Diverse Characters: Engage with various patrons, each with a unique narrative.
  4. Cyberpunk Aesthetics: Experience a post-dystopian world teeming with neon hues and pixelated beauty.
  5. Choices Matter: Your choices can lead to various dialogues, events, and endings.
  6. Atmospheric Music: Enjoy an immersive soundtrack that enhances the game’s cyberpunk vibe.
  7. Rich Narrative: Delve into a rich, character-driven narrative focusing on everyday lives in a dystopian future.
  8. Thought-Provoking Themes: Explore themes of humanity, technology, and post-dystopia life.
  9. Waifu Culture: Experience a unique blend of cyberpunk and waifu culture.
  10. Non-linear Gameplay: Enjoy a structure that values narrative and character interactions over traditional gameplay mechanics.
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