Download BurgerTime: World Tour

  1. Note that these discs are encrypted. They will need to be decrypted using a program such as PS3DEC and the disc keys found here or here. The decrypted disc can be played in a modified PS3, or the files can be extracted from it for use in RPCS3.
  2. These files are torrent7zipped in the ISO format, which can be read by a real PS3 when decrypted. The discs can be extracted into the JB folder format with RPCS3.
  3. The default password for all PS3 ROMs files is “romsfun-romspure” (if exist)
Filename Size Note
BurgerTime World Tour (USA) (Unlock Key) 6.23 KB PSN
Burgertime World Tour (Europe) (Trial) 347.56 MB PSN
Burgertime World Tour (USA) (Trial) 346.03 MB PSN

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