Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar San Diego
Genre Action , Adventure , Sandbox , Shooter
Downloads 11,600
Released May 18, 2010
3.8/5 (96 votes)
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Western regions of Mexico has always been one of the best sources of ideas used to develop games. And there have been many games that use the Western environment and have successfully simulated its atmosphere and environment. Although there have been many such games, the Red Dead series is still the most prominent with the Red Dead Redemption game with a western setting combined with Mexico. It is the second game in the series and has an independent plot of the previous game. The protagonist is John Marston, a former outlaw whose family is captured by the state and must perform dirty tasks for them. The game uses Western as a source of ideas, and thus developing gameplay and its world, and it is considered as one of Rock Star’s greatest games.

Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure open-world game, and most of the game’s activities are related to the thrilling shooting scenes of the Western cowboys. The player controls a former outlaw, and through the storyline, John’s secret and personality will be revealed. The gameplay allows players to control the character through a third-person perspective in an interactive environment. The player can interact with the characters, either the environment to progress the plot or to complete the task. The game will also be diverse in weapons and equipment, thereby bringing a cowboy-style for players to enjoy.

The game’s mission system is scattered throughout the world, and they are marked with simple symbols. Players can explore the world, destroy, entertain, and collect items in their spare time without affecting the quest. When players start a mission, they will be put in a cutscene to understand the mission or the story. The plot of the game not only addresses the nature of the people, but it also shows the faces of old Western society. Also, the primary to move of the game are horses, and players can use several trailers to travel around the world. The environment of the game is designed with depth and variety, and most terrains are spacious for players to explore freely. Of course, its graphics are always appreciated and use the colors and effects best suited to describe the local atmosphere.

Red Dead Redemption always proud of its story, gameplay, and the world, which is why it is always rated as one of the best games on the Playstation 3.

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