Skate 3

Skate 3
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Black Box
Genre Sports
Downloads 71,960
Size 5.88 G
Released May 11, 2010
3.2/5 (1858 votes)
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An all-new cooperative option has been added to SKATE 3, allowing players to take on missions together and help each other progress in their professions. The game has a lot to offer, from the improved Hall of Meat mode that recognizes and rewards spectacular bails and failures to the brand-new Skate. There are various methods to “kill it” in the game that players of varying skill levels may enjoy. The franchise’s skating also represents an ongoing trend of setting new standards for fan-made entertainment. Innovate your visuals, films, and skate parks using the complete Create feature package.


  • Participate in the fun and rivalry of cooperative play by assembling your dream skate gang with your pals.
  • Collaborate to overcome obstacles and advance professionally, or defeat your rivals in head-to-head clashes for the satisfaction of beating them.
  • Skate allows you to monitor the activities of your friends and foes. The brand-new online social network and game.
  • Gather your troops, and march your way to the top of the skate business. As your team’s popularity rises, the city will become synonymous with your team’s emblem—the more significant the increase in board sales.
  • It’s fantastic that your efforts yield more board sales. Anything from achieving virtual challenges to having your skate parks or visuals downloaded by other players… it’s all a part of your development
  • Use the all-new Skate to master the fundamentals of roller skating. The new and improved facility to study and refine your stick talents is called “school.”
  • You may fine-tune your playthrough with new in-game aids like a manual meter and Flickit trick analyzer and select from various success tiers.
  • With Create, you have access to a full suite of tools for making unique material, whether for internal use, personal enjoyment, or uploading to the internet.
  • Skate is back, and so are the graphics.
  • Skateboarding your way to success has never been easier than with Create.
  • Darkslides, under flips, and the brand-new metropolis of Port Carverton replace strict security, skate stoppers, and empty pools.
  • Skaters, you have finally arrived at your utopia. Port Carverton is heaven for skateboarders, complete with distinct neighborhoods, brand-new plazas, and an abundance of lines.
  • There is a new and improved Hall of Meat. Use the brand-new whole-body control bails to inflict the most pain on your skater. Prepare yourselves for excitement.
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