God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer SCE Santa Monica Studio
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 194,853
Size 35.01 G
Released March 12, 2013
4/5 (319 votes)
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The seventh installment in the God of War video game series, God of War: Ascension, is a prequel to the main games in the series. The player assumes the role of Kratos, who served the God of War, Ares, in previous installments and is now the game’s protagonist. The blood pledge between Kratos and Ares is broken when Kratos betrays Ares after Ares tricks him into killing his own family. Kratos abandons Ares as a result of this betrayal. Consequently, Kratos is captured and forced to struggle his way out of the tie that connects him and Ares.

The hack-and-slash fighting style from the previous games is practically carried over into this one. Kratos is still armed with the Blades of Chaos, but thanks to a new weapon feature known as the World Weapon system, he can select and equip a variety of other weapons. Kratos can now learn up to four different magical disciplines, including the Fires of Ares, the Ice of Poseidon, the Lightning of Zeus, and the Soul of Hades. In addition to imbuing the player’s weapon with the appropriate magic, each discipline also gives the character a particular skill. For instance, the Ice of Poseidon confers the ability to maintain air intake while submerged in water—rage returns in this latest series entry, just like in previous games, but with updated features. Attacking foes allows the player to build up their rage meter, and when it reaches its maximum, the player’s rage is immediately released. This state continues until the player either quits attacking or suffers damage. Kratos gains the ability to manipulate time, create a “shadow” version of himself, and dispel illusions conjured up by his guardians due to the introduction of three new relics.

This entry in the series marks the debut of the franchise’s first-ever online multiplayer component. Before the beginning of each multiplayer fight, players will choose the side with one of four gods: Ares, Hades, Zeus, or Poseidon. The character receives a different set of powers from each god they worship. Players earn experience and levels as they progress through the game, which allows them to acquire various magical skills, armor, weapons, and relics, among other riches. The game includes Team Trial of the Gods, Match of Champions, Capture the Flag, and Team Favor of the Gods. Each of these modes is explicitly designed for multiplayer competition.


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