The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Atlus
Developer Frogwares
Genre Adventure
Downloads 1,912
Size 9.02 G
Released September 25, 2012
4/5 (2 votes)
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Sherlock Holmes is currently experiencing what may be the darkest hour of his career. He is being investigated by Scotland Yard, his loyal companion Dr. John Watson is beginning to question his abilities, and he behaves more strangely than ever. His recent victory in the search for a set of valuable jewels has turned into a disaster; the owner of the necklace accuses Holmes of returning a fake to him, and there does not appear to be any evidence that can clear his identity at this time. Is it possible that Sherlock Holmes has turned to the dark side? If he is, in fact, a thief, what other kinds of misdeeds is he capable of committing? As the number of questions and hypotheses that need to be investigated increases, it is unclear whether the well-known investigator will be saved or there will be no way to halt his apparent plunge into the shadows…

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