Console Sony Playstation 3
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Crytek
Genre Action , Shooter
Downloads 2,764
Size 2.72 G
Released October 4, 2011
2.7/5 (10 votes)
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2019 Earth – On an island in the South China Sea, a group of US scientists discovers a terrifying discovery. When the North Korean government rapidly closes off the region, all contact with the squad is lost. The US replies by sending an elite team of Delta Force Operators to assess the situation. As tensions between the two countries increase, a gigantic extraterrestrial ship appears in the middle of the island. The ship creates a massive force sphere, freeing a large chunk of the island and significantly changing the worldwide weather system. To combat the extraterrestrial threat, the United States and North Korea must now work together. With all hope lost, you must fight epic battles across the tropical rainforest, frigid landscapes, and finally into the center of the alien spacecraft itself for the ultimate Zero G clash.

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