Pokémon Diamond Deluxe

Pokémon Diamond Deluxe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Rom)
Developer Luciano Fire
Genre RPG
Region English , Portuguese
Year 2022
Downloads 1,763
3.3/5 (7 votes)
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The original Pokémon Diamond has been improved upon and renamed Pokémon Diamond Deluxe. You’ll be able to capture Pokémon from both the Diamond and Pearl games with this accessory. In addition, Pokémon that evolve through trades can now also evolve by leveling up, and those Pokémon who require an item in order to evolve must both possess that item and level up in order to evolve.

This game, along with its predecessor Pokémon Pearl, kicks off the fourth generation of the Pokémon franchise. It takes place in a new area known as Sinnoh and adds 107 new Pokémon, increasing the total number of available Pokémon to 493. It is also the first game in the series to be played online and features Wi-Fi fights as well as trade. Players have the opportunity to compete against the Elite Four, earn badges, and become the most powerful Pokémon master possible.

The core concept of earlier Pokémon games is carried over into this installment, in which you play as a new trainer who embarks on a journey to capture every Pokémon and win against the Pokémon league. Along the journey, you will foil the conspiracies of the malicious organization Team Galactic, who wish to employ a trio of legendary Pokémon to reawaken a sleeping giant with the capacity to control time. You will do this by preventing their plans from being carried out. Along the journey, there are a number of optional tasks and other things to do, such as entering the Battle Tower and capturing other legendary creatures.

Combat in the core Pokémon series takes place in a turn-based role-playing game format. Each monster is capable of learning a maximum of four different attacks. Both of your opponents will choose one attack each to use during the same round, with the one who has the greater Speed attacking first. Both the Attack and Defense numbers have an impact on the total amount of damage dealt. In the past, assaults were immediately categorized as either Physical or Special based on the elemental nature of the attack. Because each strike in Diamond and Pearl may be characterized in its own unique way, those that utilize natural components are referred to as Special attacks, while those that rely on straightforward force are referred to as Physical assaults.

The Pokémon Contests that were available in Ruby and Sapphire are back, but this time they come with a lot of additional twists. In addition to the attack performance, during which you will be expected to attempt to impress the judge with dazzling skills, you will also be required to dress up your Pokémon and have it dance in sync to music. Additionally, the real time system that was introduced in Gold and Silver is brought back in Diamond and Pearl. This system allows for day and night to be displayed in-game. There are several Pokémon that can only be caught at particular hours of the day.

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