Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Monolith Software , Nintendo EAD
Genre Life Simulation
Downloads 88,724
Size 430.37 M
Released June 9, 2013
3.7/5 (467 votes)
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a follow-up game in the casual life simulation game series. With a unique innovation, players will now be started as the new town mayor instead of ordinary people.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be a game that can give players a unique ability to relax in their spare time. If you are in love with games built in the style of life simulation, this will definitely be a part of the game that you should not miss. With this game, players will play the role of a mayor, and the task is to develop the town into a place worth living.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game produced by Nintendo for the series of games with previously released gameplay. Like the previous games, the game will be started with the context of a villager who is moving to a new town to be able to develop his life. In this part of the game, the producer wants to be able to change the context of the game to bring players new experiences.

With this game, when moving to a new town, instead of starting with the life of an ordinary citizen, you were mistaken and started with the position of the mayor. Because of this, the tasks set for you inside the game will also be changed very nicely according to the role you are holding. Now you will receive special help from the townspeople along with your secretary Isabelle with plans for long-term town development.


But besides that, players can also completely own themselves the extremely familiar experience as in the previous games in the series. The gameplay that the game will build for its players will not bring about too big of a change to still be able to keep its identity. The game will also give you activities that a newcomer moves to a new town, like exploring the new town, talking to other residents, and participating in other activities.

The main activities that the game brings will also revolve around Bells – a special virtual currency that can be earned through its trading activities. Bells will also work for you by buying more furniture for your home, buying clothes, or paying off loans to build a house. Along with that will be a feature of the game is the ability to operate in real-time, designed right inside your play.


Besides the new context of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and familiar activities, building the character’s image will also be an exciting feature of the game. The game will give its players special abilities to completely customize the image of the characters inside the game to their liking. Through that, you will be able to personalize the game better through the choices that the game will bring to you.

The first is the character’s outfit when the game will bring modifications beyond shirts, shoes, hats, and accessories. What’s more, an exciting outfit has been added, which is a swimsuit for swimming missions inside the ocean bordering the town. And there are also changes and additions to the ability to decorate your home with furniture such as benches and lampposts that have been brought back in this game.


The graphics are one of the especially important features that the game needs to pay attention to bring the best player experience. In order for players to feel the special attraction of the game, the manufacturer has added a lot of unique and exciting details to its graphics system. But the main context that the game brings will not have too many changes to be able to keep the familiar level for the Animal Crossing: New Leaf series.

The player will be able to feel the level of detail of the game for the duration of the game is active. The game will ensure that its players will be able to experience a part of the game with image quality that will always be maintained with the highest level of sharpness and realism. All the images from the renovated town, the new resident characters, and the objects will also be carefully designed and taken care of in this game.


  • The game is designed according to the life simulation game genre with special features that bring the highest level of realism.
  • Join the game with a new context as the mayor instead of an ordinary citizen like in the previous games.
  • With the help of all the townsfolk and the special secretary, you’ll need to execute your town development plan.
  • In addition, players have the ability to customize their character through interesting choices of costumes especially.
  • The game’s graphics are carefully designed with special details to best describe the new town’s image.
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