Bravely Default

Bravely Default
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Silicon Studio
Genre Role-Playing
Region Japan
Downloads 59,420
Size 1.62 G
Released February 7, 2014
3.7/5 (129 votes)
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When it comes to JRPG games, which name do you think of first? Perhaps it is Square Enix’s famous Final Fantasy series, a name that is very familiar to the player. Although this is an extremely renowned name, today we will not talk about it and will talk about another name, equally famous than the elder brother. That game is Bravely Default – a JRPG game produced for the 3DS platform. This game has absorbed a lot of the characteristics of the Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light to release the game. But this does not mean that the game does not have its unique things for players to experience. If it were too similar, the game would not have its appeal, so this game still has its characteristics for players to experience. So the game is only counted as inherited, not considered as a copy, this game still has many unique things for players to experience.

This is the main fighting mechanism of the game that the player can use in his battle. Brave allows players to attack enemies in their turn to be able to defeat them. During each attack, the player will spend some Brave Points to be able to attack the enemy. But players also do not need a Brave Point to attack the enemy, because the game also has a function that is debit. In turn, the player can attack four times, of which three times do not need Brave Point to attack. However, after that, the player cannot attack continuously for three turns to compensate for the negative Brave Points. The second is the Default, when the enemy attacks, the player can use the Default command line to be able to protect themselves. Each time the player chooses Default, he will receive a Brave Point to attack the opponent.

The game has 24 classes for each player to choose, but most of them will be locked so players will spend a lot of time to unlock them. Players need to fight, level up, and become stronger for their chosen class. When a player changes to a different class, the previous skills that the player has in the old class will remain to support the player.

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