Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition

Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre Role-Playing , Strategy
Region Europe
Downloads 72,089
Size 1.47 G
Released February 19, 2016
3.6/5 (781 votes)
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You are in control of your destiny through the choices you make.

You are being reared by another royal family while being born into the first. Which side will you fight on now that the two kingdoms are at war? Are you going to side with the Hoshido, the people you were born into, or will you support the Nohrs, the family that brought you up? Suppose the kingdom’s future hangs in the balance between two competing options, and the repercussions of any choice are catastrophic. Where do you place your loyalty: with your family or your allies?


Players will, for the first time in the series, assume the role of the series’ main hero and lead an army consisting of knights, magicians, archers, and other types of soldiers in the series’ most strategically complex conflicts to date. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of every unit and weapon in your army, collaborate with allies, and cultivate positive connections to guide your troops to victory. You must select a route and make the most important decision ever made in the annals of Fire Emblem to determine the course of the future.


  • The Fire Emblem experience will be updated with exciting new content when it arrives on the Nintendo 3DS family of platforms. Your individualized avatar will take on the role of the main protagonist for the very first time.
  • In the most strategic conflicts in the history of the series, you will have command of an army consisting of knights, magicians, archers, and other types of soldiers.
  • Every single unit and weapon has a set of strengths and weaknesses that you must consider for every enemy you encounter.
  • On the battlefield, allies should work together to help and protect one another while fighting.
  • Relationship building is essential since your allies will be more effective as a fighting unit the closer they are to one another. You are in charge of their future, but before you can do that, you have to make the most consequential choice in the whole annals of Fire EmblemAn epic plot that centers on your avatar, in which you are put in the position of having to choose between your bloodline and the family who reared young newThe new section called “My Castlet allows you to communicate with your pals and create closer ties with them.
  • If you have the relevant Fire Emblem amiibo figurines, you may tap them in to bring Marth, Ike, Lucina, and Robin into the game, where they will be ready to fight and be recruited by you.
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