Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Grezzo , Nintendo EAD
Genre Action , Adventure
Downloads 107,368
Size 155.55 M
Released October 12, 2018
3.7/5 (1048 votes)
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Nintendo is the developer and publisher of the action-adventure video game Luigi’s Mansion. During the game, Luigi gets a notification informing him that he has won a prize for his own home, even though he did not even enter the competition. Perplexed by this information, Luigi makes his way toward the house, where he eventually encounters Professor E. Gadd, who reveals to Luigi that his brother, Mario, has been taken captive by King Boo. The house was a mirage created by King Boo to lure Mario and Luigi into his grasp so that he could capture them. After some time, Luigi discovers that the malicious spirit confined Mario within a painting. Luigi receives the Poltergust 3000 as a present, which enables him to “vacuum” ghosts and restore them to their respective pictures. Ultimately, Luigi is victorious over King Boo and can rescue his brother from imprisonment.


When Luigi finally gets to his mansion, he discovers that evil spirits haunt it and that Mario is stuck inside the building someplace. He goes through the dark chambers and hallways of the estate while wielding a flashlight and a specialized vacuum known as the “Poltergust 3000.” He is looking for his brother.


Luigi’s journey through several haunted places, where he must solve puzzles and battle ghosts, is the primary focus of the game’s gameplay. The player puts the spirits into a coma using Luigi’s Poltergust and then vacuums them up. In the original game, the player was required to use the flashlight to stop the beating of the ghosts’ hearts once those beats were visible. Players start using the Strobulb in the second game onwards to stun spirits before proceeding to suck them up, but they also utilize a gadget known as the Dark-Light Device, which would show things obscured by spirit balls. Both of these devices are used in later games.


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